About Manning Interpreting

Who I am

The question I am asked most often is how I got into learning British Sign Language. Since I was a child I have loved deaf culture and BSL, and sought every opportunity to learn more about this beautiful language and amazing heritage. However, it wasn’t until I moved to York to study that learning BSL formally became possible. I have been involved in the Deaf community, a local deaf children’s charity, and deaf education for over 15 years. I passed my BSL Level 6 in 2014 and qualified as an interpreter in September 2020.


My experience is predominantly in the educational domain, and volunteering with children and young people. I have also worked in Christian religious settings and am part of the Christian Interpreters Network.


I like baking, growing my own fruit and vegetables, playing board games and computer games. I also love to travel, and anything to do with space, fantasy or saving the environment!